Simonetta Casasola

Born in Bologna, where she lives and works.
Studied at the Art School and the Fine Arts Academy in Bologna, where she studied painting under the guidance of the Artist Concept Pozzati. Continues at DAMS in the Arts faculty and studied photography in Venice with Oliviero Toscani.

Her artistic research uses the photograph as a media, focusing her interest in the actual shooting of the picture rather than the processes of printing and materialization of her work, this is why her job is non-existing every single shot has been performative and yet never produced.

In 2011, the artist decides to delegate the printing job to an external team with the sole purpose of creating an archive. The "click" phase remains for the artist the only action that determines her work.

Bismarckstrasse 50
50672 Köln
Tue. - Fr. 1 am - 6 pm
Sa. 12 am - 4 pm
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